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Patient perspectives on the BPCorrect blood pressure app

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The following testimonial was written by a real-world BPCorrect blood pressure app user:

My blood pressure has been great for the last three months. It is now averaging 113/77 and I am taking two medications, one of which I am reducing today both due to side effects and controlled blood pressure. I never realized how much I suffer from white coat syndrome until today. At my annual checkup, my doctor took my blood pressure with both my machine and hers to ensure that my machine is accurate, and both were within a point or two. My blood pressure was 150/101! I shared with her my averages over the last two months in the BPCorrect app, and explained the approach followed for taking measurements, including frequency (4 measurements/day, two back to back in the am and again at the end of that day), ensuring sitting quietly for 5 minutes before starting to take it, emptying bladder, sitting straight with the arm at heart level, etc.

Even though my blood pressure at the appointment was very high, my doctor had no hesitation in reducing my blood pressure medications because of the quality (and results) of the blood pressure readings I have taken at home, and again thanks to the app! She believes that these are more telling than one reading in her office. When I got home from my appointment, my blood pressure was back to the normal ranges.

I can’t say enough of the BPCorrect app! I love it as it has taken the stress out of measuring my blood pressure. I used to measure it several times a day but this app will only count four readings a day so I now realize there is no benefit to taking it more often. Also once you achieve your desired blood pressure, it’s recommended that you take it only every few months, if you are changing your medications or if you have a doctor’s appointment.

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