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How do I get started using the BPCorrect Clinician Portal?

To use the BPCorrect Clinician Portal, please register your practice by clicking on Register (for clinicians). Then choose a practice plan (both monthly and annual plans are available). Once your practice is registered, you will receive an email with credentials to log in to the clinician portal. A one time passcode will be sent to your mobile phone to verify your identity. Once logged in, to create additional portal accounts for providers or nursing staff, please navigate to “Manage Users/Practice Users List” on the left-hand menu.  Click on “Add Provider/Nurse” and enter their name, role and mobile number (for one time password verification). The new user will receive an email to create a password and log in to the portal.

To enroll a patient, please ask your patient to download the BPCorrect App from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. He/she/they will also need a blood pressure monitor (purchased separately), see this FAQ for more details. Once your patient has downloaded the app and created an account, he/she/they can navigate to “Settings/Share readings with a practice” and select your practice. You will then see your patient’s name on the dashboard of the Clinician Portal under the right-hand column “Patients Requesting Enrollment.” Click on your patient’s name and click “accept” to accept them into your practice.