Frequently Asked Questions

How is the BPCorrect app different from other blood pressure (BP) tracking apps?

The BPCorrect app was designed by primary care doctors as a complete self-measured BP monitoring solution.  The app is designed to work alone or in conjunction with a clinician portal.  Based on recommendations from the American Heart Association (AHA) for proper and accurate BP monitoring, BPCorrect includes many features missing from other apps, including those available from BP monitor manufacturers.

The app:

  • Provides step-by-step instructions on how to correctly measure BP
  • Includes timers to ensure appropriate rest before BP measurements and between repeat BP measurements
  • Providers reminders for twice daily BP measurements for 7 days
  • Summarizes correctly taken BP measurements once enough have been completed
  • Classifies average BP by AHA category
  • Provides links to information about managing BP
  • Allows email of average BP readings to a healthcare provider or anyone else
  • Will integrate with the BPCorrect clinician portal to automatically share BP measurements and summaries
How much does the BPCorrect app cost?

Introductory pricing for the BPCorrect app is $1.99 through November 2020.  The price will increase to $2.99 in December, $3.99 in January, and $5.99 in  February 2021.

What BP monitors work with the BPCorrect app?

Currently, the BPCorrect app works with the following validated and accurate Bluetooth-connected home BP monitors: A&D Medical Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Bluetooth (A&D UA 651 BLE), Omron Silver BP Monitor (BP5250), and Omron Evolv. All of the monitors are available from the manufacturer or retail channels, including Amazon.  Please contact for information about preferred pricing for 10 or more monitors.

I already own a BP monitor. Can I use it with the BPCorrect app?

Currently, the BPCorrect app only works with the above listed Bluetooth connected home blood pressure monitors. If you have a Bluetooth monitor that is not on the list, please let us know at and we will work to incorporate it into a future version of the app.

Can I share my blood pressure readings with my healthcare provider?

Currently, the BPCorrect app allows you to export a summary of your average BP readings and email this to your healthcare provider. By January 2021, the app will securely send your readings to a clinician portal (with your permission), allowing your healthcare provider to review your BP readings.

How will doctors use BPCorrect?

The web based BPCorrect clinician portal will be ready for use in late fall of 2020. This portal allows clinicians and clinical staff to review their patients’ home BP measurements.  The portal:

  • Provides reports on individual patient’s progress on obtaining sufficient measurements to determine an accurate assessment of average BP
  • Displays the average BP value and its interpretation based on AHA guidelines once enough measurements have been obtained
  • Includes a dashboard highlighting patients with average BPs outside of range
  • Facilitates billing for remote patient monitoring and telemedicine visits
Why should I adhere to a twice daily schedule to monitor my blood pressure?

Blood pressure readings tend to vary between measurements. A high or low blood pressure measured on a single occasion can be misleading and may not be representative of a patient’s “true” blood pressure. Clinical decisions should not be made on casual, isolated home measurements. Instead, the American Heart Association recommends that home blood pressure monitoring be based on 2 measurements taken at least one minute apart in the morning and evening optimally for 7 days (28 readings total) with a minimum of 3 days (12 readings total). The average of all blood pressure readings during this period should be calculated to provide an accurate assessment of blood pressure.

Why doesn’t my blood pressure appear until I have taken 3 days of readings?

Because blood pressure may vary between measurements, studies have shown that even when adhering to a twice daily monitoring schedule, fewer than 3 days of readings does not provide adequate data to assess blood pressure. The American Heart Association recommends a minimum of 3 days of readings (12 readings total, 2 readings taken one minute apart every AM and PM for 3 days) and optimally 7 days(28 readings total) to properly assess blood pressure.

In the app, what is the difference between an “Extra reading” and an “AM reading” or “PM reading”?

BPCorrect has been carefully designed to guide users to adhere to the American Heart Association’s recommended schedule of twice daily blood pressure measurements (two readings, taken one minute apart, every AM and PM). BPCorrect defines AM readings as the first two readings taken between 4 AM and noon, and PM readings as the first two readings taken between 4 PM and midnight. While additional AM or PM readings beyond the first two readings or readings taken outside of this time range are displayed in the app, they are labeled as “Extra readings.” To avoid skewing the average, these “extra” blood pressure readings are excluded from the calculation of the average blood pressure.

My blood pressure readings are not syncing with the app. What should I do?

On your phone, please click on “Settings–>Bluetooth.”  Click on the “i” next to your blood pressure monitor and click “Forget This Device.” Then open the BPCorrect app, click on the settings gear  in the bottom menu, choose “Manage Device”, select your monitor, and choose “Pair Device.” Follow the instructions on the screen to re-pair your monitor. If you are still not able to sync your blood pressure readings, please contact

Why did the end-date of my monitoring period change?

BPCorrect sets the initial monitoring period as 7 days to encourage users to obtain at least 3 days of readings (2 AM and 2 PM readings one minute apart for 3 days, or 12 readings total) and optimally 7 days (28 readings total). However, if a user does not obtain at least 12 readings in the first 7 days, the monitoring period is automatically extended until at least 12 readings are obtained. When 12 readings are obtained, there is sufficient data to calculate an average blood pressure, and the monitoring period ends. If 12 readings are not obtained after 14 days, the monitoring period automatically ends and no average is calculated due to insufficient readings.

How can I contact BPCorrect?

Please email

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