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How can BPCorrect help patients monitor blood pressure?

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We present two ‘real world’ case studies of how providers have used BPCorrect to help patients monitor blood pressure and manage their hypertension. Details have been changed slightly to protect patients’ privacy.

Case Study 1:

Mr. X is a 69 year old male with longstanding hypertension on a two drug regimen. At his last few visits to his primary care provider, his blood pressure had been in the low 140s/80s. Due to a history of vasovagal syncope, his provider had been reluctant to increase the dosage of his antihypertensives. Unfortunately, Mr. X then suffered a small basilar stroke. His neurologist wanted to assure tight blood control. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Mr. X had a video visit with his primary care provider who suggested that he self monitor blood pressure at home.  Mr. X began using the BPCorrect app along with an Omron home BP monitor. On the first day of monitoring, Mr. X’s first BP reading was 152/90, yet subsequent readings were substantially lower. After 7 days of monitoring, taking two measurements one minute apart twice daily as guided by BPCorrect, Mr. X’s average blood pressure was 116/79. His primary care provider was satisfied with this BP and made no changes to his regimen. His primary care provider suggested that he continue to monitor his blood pressure like this once every one to two months.


Case Study 2:

Mrs. Y is a 61 year old female with a history of hypertension and a recent history of a retinal hemorrhage.  She takes only a low dose beta-blocker for her hypertension, and she does not monitor blood pressure at home. She admits to getting nervous about monitoring blood pressure. She attributes her elevated blood prssure readings at the doctor’s office to stress and anxiety, but she begins to monitor her blood pressure at home using the BPCorrect app. After 7 days of monitoring, BPCorrect calculates her average BP to be 146/99. She realizes that her elevated blood pressure is not just due to anxiety and that she truly has Stage 2 hypertension. She makes an appointment with her primary care doctor for antihypertensive management.

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